Our mission is to empower the youth globally by identifying, nurturing, and enhancing the life skills and educational backgrounds of young, talented athletes discovered across the world.

Founded in 2021 in Poland, our organization has been operational since 2016, working on behalf of various companies and sports clubs. Our objective is to provide opportunities to the younger generation who, due to inadequate management or financial constraints, have been unable to excel in the sports arena. We are committed to recognizing exceptional talent, going to extensive lengths to ensure that promising athletes have the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities to professional clubs. With operations in Poland, France, and South Africa, and plans for global expansion, we cater to a variety of sports including rugby, cricket, basketball, volleyball, handball, futsal, tennis, football, and athletics. We pledge to offer each athlete unparalleled, intensive training in their respective disciplines. However, we affirm that the foundation of a successful athlete extends beyond physical prowess, encompassing education and character development. Hence, we emphasize comprehensive education, facilitating our athletes’ continued schooling and vocational training. Acknowledging the uncertainties of a sports career, our organization aims to equip athletes with essential life skills and education, ensuring their ability to lead financially stable lives beyond their athletic endeavors. By encompassing these athletes, our goal is to mold them into well-rounded individuals, provide top-tier education, and elevate their performance to a level where they can seamlessly collaborate with professional clubs and embark on their dream careers.

We provide two primary pathways for engagement with our organization: recruitment via our scouting team during our travels, and, for those not directly selected, the option to enroll in our improvement programs through a fee.